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  • What happens when you involve everyone in business planning?

  • “Peter Lodemore is pioneering senior leadership development in our organisation. His remarkable methods and energy are inspiring and challenging our 45 most senior leaders and shaping how we work as a senior leadership team.


    We are finally having the conversations we need to have thanks to Peter’s fresh and empowering approach to issues where we felt stuck. Its great to see our senior leaders sitting together, working together and inspiring one another to solve shared problems. It’s a remarkable achievement."


    Hannah Bell
    Leadership Manager

    National Police Officer of the Year for Leadership

    Durham Constabulary



    "We were looking for something new for our top 30 leaders that would have credibility and really spark interest at senior level. Pete’s big personality and infectious enthusiasm soon got everyone hooked – even the skeptics. Our leaders reported his sessions as “refreshing”, helping them “think big” and “think differently”.


    Pete’s use of unusual anecdotes, interactive exercises and the way in which he connects with delegates at a level which taps into who they are and not just what they do, gave the sessions huge impact. His phrases have woven themselves into the language that we use in the organisation. If you are looking for an innovative, engaging, creative and effective Leadership programme, look no further. I would have absolutely no hesitation recommending Pete”


    Sheba Franklin
    Head of People & Organisation Development

    Alliance Homes Group

  • What's Possible?

    Whether you believe you can or believe you can't, life will prove you right. Personally, I'm a big fan of defiance when it comes to what's possible - things don't have to be the way they are.  We have to start addressing what's going on around us, even if we are only in a majority of one.  

    Stop Trying to Please Everyone

    Just because people nod and smile when you are in the room does not mean they love you.  We all have to overcome our addiction to approval; and you can't run a successful enterprise with the people around you applauding your every burp and fart. Great minds don't have to think alike. Psychological Safety is at the heart of INCLUSION & DIVERSITY. Good conversations have no predictable twists, turns and outcomes: they are at the heart of good decisions.  

    HOW not IF

    All manner of magic will begin to emerge when you COMMIT. It's as if the universe starts colluding with you.  The sooner you stop talking about IF WE DO IT, the quicker the adventure begins, problem solving HOW WE DO IT.

    Me, You & US

    There are always 3 things in any relationship: Me, You & Us. Take care of all 3.  For leaders especially, learning to CATHEDRALISE the Us: the business-you-are-in, will create more traction and passion for your enterprise. No amount of glossy corporate brochures can do this work for you. If you can't tell real stories about the difference you make to real people, you are not on top of your WHY's - especially why people will follow you and go the extra mile.    

    When I'm not helping good people become epic leaders, you'll find me in the POTTERY STUDIO

    We are, each of us, a wise guru in charge of a mental patient. Jamie Catto

    You have to be odd to be Number 1. Dr Seuss


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    2023 Fireside Chat

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