• I'm Pete Lodemore

    Let's face it, there are times in life when we could all do with a bit more juice to help drive ourselves and our endeavours forward.


    I've been working as a leadership developer for over 20 years, with ambitious chief execs and senior teams in world-class global and sector-leading organisations.


    My creative, challenging, rapid methods are engaging and distinctive. They also deliver outstanding results.


    My style is not for everyone, not if you like dozing-off to endless powerpoint presentations. But if you're looking for an experienced leadership consultant or coach to help you pull something amazing out-the-bag then have a look around my site and please do get in touch.

  • How to cultivate LUCKY BREAKS

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  • “Peter Lodemore is pioneering senior leadership development in our organisation. His remarkable methods and energy are inspiring and challenging our 45 most senior leaders and shaping how we work as a senior leadership team.


    We are finally having the conversations we need to have thanks to Peter’s fresh and empowering approach to issues where we felt stuck. Its great to see our senior leaders sitting together, working together and inspiring one another to solve shared problems. It’s a remarkable achievement."


    Hannah Bell
    Leadership Manager & National Police Officer of the Year for Leadership

    Durham Constabulary



    "We were looking for something new for our top 30 leaders that would have credibility and really spark interest at senior level. Pete’s big personality and infectious enthusiasm soon got everyone hooked – even the skeptics. Our leaders reported his sessions as “refreshing”, helping them “think big” and “think differently”.


    Pete’s use of unusual anecdotes, interactive exercises and the way in which he connects with delegates at a level which taps into who they are and not just what they do, gave the sessions huge impact. His phrases have woven themselves into the language that we use in the organisation. If you are looking for an innovative, engaging, creative and effective Leadership programme, look no further. I would have absolutely no hesitation recommending Pete”


    Sheba Franklin
    Head of Organisation Development

    Alliance Homes Group

  • 60,000

    hours of change management with global and sector leading firms


    years in business as an independent-minded, disruptive and loving influence


    senior & middle managers

    I've personally developed








    Breakthrough Leadership is based on 20 years hands-on experience as coach and consultant to some of the most successful leaders on the planet,

    as well as the most brilliant life and career transforming strategies I’ve found and road-tested along the way.

  • "Peter. Inspirational. Thank you"

    "Hands-down best facilitator"

    "Brilliant communicator"

    "Engaging and lively!"

    "Can we have Pete back for more sessions please..."


    A game-changer for you, your sanity and your success

  • Things worth believing in...

    Possible & Impossible are Frames of Mind

    Whether you believe you can or believe you can't, life will prove you right. Personally, I'm a big fan of defiance when it comes to what's possible - things don't have to be the way they are. I'm doing in business what I started doing when I was 16 years old playing in punk bands.

    HOW not IF 

    All manner of magic will begin to emerge when you COMMIT. It's as if the universe starts colluding with you. Working out what you are WILLING to commit to takes courage. Waiting until you feel ready and able before committing is the biggest mistake people make.

    Me, You & US

    We are all looking for CONNECTION, especially with something beyond just me and you. Having a vision and mission on a piece of paper mean little. Learning to 'CATHEDRALISE' and BEHAVE your purpose and passions will bring more JUICE to your leadership and enterprise.

    Honesty & Authenticity

    We all have to overcome our addiction to approval. FAKE is exhausting and you can't run a successful enterprise with people applauding your every burp and fart. How VISIBLY you show up and DARE to be IS THE MESSAGE - become distinctive in a world increasingly defined by spin.

    Inspirational Influence

    Just because people nod and smile when you are in the room does not mean they love you. If you want to win hearts and minds you need to start considering what people are looking for and how they experience themselves around you.

    Facilitator NOT Trainer

    Facilitators and trainers are similar. Facilitators tend to help you, trainers tend to help themselves to your attention while they 'sage on the stage'. Facilitation works best with humans. Training works best with circus animals, although it has been banned in many countries.


    How many consultants run a pottery summer school? In the studio or in business, I create environments to help people experiment and push through the vulnerability of feeling 'seen', especially when trying new things.. Here's a 3 minute film in potter mode.

  • What happens when you involve everyone in strategic planning?

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