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3 Uncomfortable Reasons

for subscribing to my new blog

Will subscribing to your blog make me happier, more successful, taller, thinner, and sexier?

I'd like to think so. But, let's face it, every Tom, Dick and Harry offers that at the start of a relationship. No, you aren't looking for alternative facts. What you've been looking for is a break from the relentlessly gushing fire hydrant of spin coming at you each day.

With this in mind, here are 3 solid reasons to sign up:

1. Comforting. I don't really know what I'm doing. Chances are, neither do you. Come watch me flailing around learning to blog. It will help you feel more competent and better about yourself. I know you need that.

2. Validation. You secretly fantasise about being rude and irreverent to people. But you stop yourself because you want to be popular. You invest in fake politeness. It makes you resentful and tired. I'm a recovering approval addict. Being honest has become a personal project. I frequently go too far. Read the comments: I'm cultivating enemies at an alarming rate. I will validate your choice to be polite.

3. Car Crash. I'd like you to slow down during your hectic day and give me your attention. Like people do when driving past an accident. A lot of what I will be blogging about is the appalling state of the LEADERSHIP DEVELOPMENT and the LEARNING & DEVELOPMENT INDUSTRY - the very same people I depend on for work. It's compelling.

4. Real is the new sexy. You secretly yearn to be sexier. Some call it Authentic. The business world needs more of it. I want more of you.

5. Falling flat on my face? (Similar to 'Car Crash' but I wanted to end on an odd number and it's gone over 3). I've jumped ship. I'm letting go of the apron strings and taking myself straight to market. I'm officially an entrepreneur, and leading an alternative lifestyle. Many of you will be considering doing this yourself, especially if you are holding down a corporate job that's sapping your will to live. Watch what happens to me. You may decide your boss is not such an arsehole after all.

Peter Lodemore is an independent thinker and a disruptive, loving influence. He currently gets paid as a Leadership Consultant, Coach, Facilitator and Keynote Speaker.