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Personal Growth & Tomatoes

This year I started growing tomatoes for the very first time. I planted the seeds in a starter tray, tended them with love and care, and watched with child-like glee as they sprouted and grew.

About 6 weeks ago I transferred one to a large pot, one to a medium pot, and left the rest in the starter tray - I'm limited for space, only having a balcony.

What’s amazed me is how container size has totally dictated the size of each plant.

The seedlings in the starter tray grew to about 8 inches tall and stopped.

The plant in the mid sized pot is at least 3 times the size of those in the starter tray.

The plant in the large pot dwarfs the one in the medium pot, a giant compared to its siblings in the starter tray.

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There are different reasons as to why this size difference occurred. But I like this one best: each plant grew according to the expectations I gave it.

And this, dear reader, is key to how personal growth works too.

… And leadership, coaching, parenting, teaching, etc…