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New Leaders, New Expectations, New Horizons

Your first 100 days will establish what you are all about with EVERYONE, not just the suck-ups around you.
I was engaged by the new Chief Constable of Durham to coach his leadership of the force in his first 100 days.
We had weekly, incredibly raw and real conversations - based on what Mike Barton was newly experiencing - we did it in person, face to face, and worked out what his epic meant in leading success in policing terms given the resistance he was up against.
Mike then invited me to design a bespoke senior leadership programme for his top 50 senior leaders, so we could all be in the same room at the same time and thrash out issues in real time.
I designed innovative processes to deep-dive into policing culture with his top 50 senior leaders, and steer personal and team development towards what Mike was looking for.
6 months on, Mike and the Durham Constabulary were the first police force to achieve an outstanding inspection rating. They went on to make history as the only police force to have ever achieved 4 consecutive OUTSTANDING inspection ratings.